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THC Beverage Bundles

Get your fridge full with our volume packs of PBR High Seltzer, St Ides High Teas, and Not Your Father's Root Beer. Each bundle savings ranges from 15%-30%.
ST IDES High Tea
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These hitters pack 100mg of THC and smack as hard as your favorite throwback iced tea.
PBR High Seltzers 4-Pack Bundles
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Meet the newest edition to the Blue Ribbon family. Find a different kind of buzz with PBR High Seltzer 4-pack bundles.
Get (24) cans for $81 with our 4-pack mix and match
ST IDES 100mg Shots
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The heaviest hit of ST IDES is now in liquid form, and it’s more potent than ever!
$80 minimum order | Free delivery on all orders